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Lit Chat: Online Author Talk With Elizabeth Randall

Lit Chat Women in White with Elizabeth Randall at Jacksonville Public Library

Does your interest in ghosts and spirits reappear this time of year? If so, then this Lit Chat is for you. Elizabeth Randall discusses her book Women in White: The Haunting of Northeast Florida on October 21, at 1 p.m. Hear about 29 tales from four northeastern Florida counties dominated by the wispy trails of strange female spirits known as ghostly “women in white.”

Books To Read During Polish American History Month

Polish American Heritage Month

Polish American Heritage Month was originally celebrated in August, but the month was changed to October so that more schools could participate in honoring Polish culture. In addition, Polish settlers first came to Jamestown, Virginia in October 1608. These settlers were craftsmen who came to establish a glass industry in the colonies, which became the first American industry.

So You Think You Can Tech: Data vs Storage

So You Think You Can Tech: Data vs Storage

Over the years I have spoken to a fair number of people on matters related to tech. In all that time, one of the topics I have unpacked the most is mobile data. There is a distinct disconnect between mobile data and the amount of storage a device has, at least there is in the minds of many consumers. If you have found yourself looking at both and wondering which is which, then you are in good company.

Branch Out During Family History Month with Your Local Library Branch

Family History Month at the Jacksonville Public Library

Even though the trees don’t change much in the Florida fall, your family tree is always growing and changing. Family History Month was created to bring the human race closer together. Although we all have our nuclear family, we are also a part of the human family. As you take some time this month to compile family photos or ask a relative about their favorite family memories, search for the similarities you can find that branch out from the family tree of the human race. We are all searching for our sense of identity and taking time to get your whole family involved will give you a stronger sense of what family means.

Lit Chat With Tim Gilmore

Jaxpsychogeo.com founder, Florida State College at Jacksonville Professor, JaxbyJax Literary Arts founder and author Dr. Tim Gilmore joins our Lit Chat series on Wednesday, October 14th, at 7 pm.

Scary and Not-So-Scary Books for Adults and Kids

Get in the fall spirit! Whether you are trying to scare yourself silly or read about silly monsters we’ve got a book for you. For people who think they can handle a fright-filled book, turn all of the lights on and settle down with one of these chilling stories. On the other hand, if you’d rather not give your children nightmares, we have some nice skeletons and witches too that are not so different from you and me.

So You Think You Can Tech: File Types

Tech Tuesday

This ever happen to you? Someone sends you a file, probably something they made on their personal computer, and when you try to open it nothing happens. Or worse, something does happen. You get a big warning screen saying your computer cannot open that file type. What the heck are they talking about? File types? What are those? Well good news weary internet traveler, I have an answer for you. 

Books To Read During German American History Month

German American History Month Graphic

October is German American Heritage Month in recognition of the founding of Germantown, Pennsylvania in October 1683. Fifteen percent of Americans are of German descent, which is the largest ancestral group in the United States. We owe a huge amount of gratitude to these intellectuals who have shaped American culture including authors such as Stephen King, Dr. Seuss, and John Steinbeck. Read about some of these great authors and more with this list that celebrates the strength of German-Americans who triumph over hardship.

New! Homework Helpline For Parents!

Homework Helpline

Struggling to help a child with their homework? The Jacksonville Public Library is here to help! Our new virtual service, the Homework Helpline, is ready to help you better support your students and alleviate some of your household homework headaches and assignment anxiety.


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