December Life Lit Workshops: Help Wildlife Weather the Winter or Measure Your Entrepreneurial Mindset

Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Life Lit: free workshops by trained professional focused on improving your day-to-day life!

If you're cold, they're cold. Don't forget about the critters this winter! Join us for some DIY gardening projects that will help your native wildlife weather the season (and prepare for the coming spring). Learn these tips and more from Master Gardeners and our friends at the UF Extension Office!

#Upcoming Gardening Workshops:

Are you ready to become an entrepreneur? Measure your entrepreneurial mindset with free workshops by EY. Bridging the digital divide is an EY commitment. Together, we can build a better working world and become more conscious consumers by supporting all people with the opportunity to fully participate in modern education, the economy, and society.

#Entrepreneurship Workshops:

Life Lit are free workshops offered by trained professionals and volunteers that focus on improving your day-to-day life. These programs cover a wide range of workshops from gardening to small business needs. No need to bring anything but yourself to participate!

Search our event calendar for more upcoming workshops offered by our community partners at the Library.

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