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Strategic Plan


Start Here. Go Anywhere!


To enrich lives, build community, and foster success by bringing people, information, and ideas together.

Core Values

  • Service: We are dedicated to making a positive difference in people’s lives.
  • Teamwork: Life is better when we work together.
  • Excellence: We settle for nothing less than the highest quality outcomes.
  • Innovation: We prize creativity, flexibility, imagination, and fresh ideas.

Guiding Principle

Intellectual freedom is “the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive, and impart information and ideas.” The following commitments derive from our support of that principle:

  • JPL provides all people access to resources and services without discrimination.
  • JPL provides materials and information representing divergent points of view on a wide range of issues.
  • JPL respects the confidentiality of its customers.
  • JPL supports the American Library Association’s “Library Bill of Rights.

Service Priorities

How Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) will benefit this Community.

Goal #1

Inspire Lifelong Learning and Discovery

JPL will enrich the lives of Jacksonville residents of all ages by championing reading as the foundation for learning, and by providing high-interest programs, robust collections, and other resources that encourage learning, imagination, creation

and innovation.

Success Measure: In the year 2020 an estimated 250,000 people will agree that JPL programs, services and/or resources have enriched their lives by providing opportunities for learning and discovery. (Estimate will be extrapolated from survey results.3)

Goal 1 Strategies

1.1  Champion reading as the foundation for learning and discovery.

1.2  Offer a wide variety of appealing programs that encourage learning, imagination, creation and innovation, including, but not limited to:

  • Technology training for all ages for a digitally literate community.
  • Adult literacy and adult basic education.
  • Programs for adults who are age 50 or older.

1.3  Provide people of all ages opportunities for “making” (the creation of digital, artistic or physical objects) and provide support for learning and discovery in a variety of modes (including self-directed learning, online learning and experiential learning).

Goal #2

Support Youth Educational Success

JPL will provide vital support for the educational success of Jacksonville’s youth.

Success Measures:

  • Between Oct. 1, 2017 and Sept. 30, 2020 early literacy programs will be attended by more than 275,000 people and programs for students in grades K – 12 will be attended by more than 260,000 people.
  • In FY 2020, 70 percent of students, parents and teachers who complete a survey will report that the public library had a positive impact on student achievement in school.
  • In each of the three plan years (FY 2018 – 2020), at least 85 percent of parents and caregivers who complete a survey after attending a JPL early literacy program will report that they feel more confident about helping their children learn.

Goal 2 Strategies

2.1  Partner with Duval County Public Schools (DCPS) to enable public school students to make the most of library services.

2.2  Provide outstanding early learning programs that teach parents skills that will support them as their child’s first teacher, and teach children the skills they need to succeed in school.

2.3  Provide out-of-school learning opportunities to schoolchildren that support and enrich their education by building the following core academic and learning success skills: literacy, problem solving, creativity and innovation, teamwork and collaboration, and communication.

2.4  Provide opportunities for teens to develop leadership and life skills.

Goal #3

Build Community

As neighborhood hubs, each library will build community through partnerships and by providing places to gather in an atmosphere conducive to communication, mutual understanding, and making connections.

Success Measures:

Between Oct. 1, 2017 and Sept. 30, 2020:

  • More than 10 million people will visit our libraries.
  • Our meeting spaces will be used more than 120,000 times

Goal 3 Strategies

In addition to the programs and classes that bring people together for learning and discovery, JPL will:

3.1  Create more opportunities within libraries for people to gather by maximizing functional spaces.

3.2  Foster a sense of community by building a stronger, more comprehensive, and more well-known local history collection.

3.3  Host meetings to engage residents in dialogue about community issues - partnering with local organizations whenever possible - in order to promote One City, One Jacksonville.

3.4  Partner with local colleges and universities, in particular with their libraries, to maximize outcomes in areas of mutual interest and to identify opportunities for collaboration.

Core Goals

The Foundation for an Outstanding Library

Goal #4

Provide Outstanding Experiences

JPL will provide the people of Jacksonville an outstanding experience with every encounter.

Success Measures: By Sept. 30, 2020:

  • 60 percent of survey respondents will rate their overall experience of visiting the Jacksonville Public Library in person as oustanding.
  • 60 percent of survey respondents will rate their overall experience of visiting the Jacksonville Public Library online as outstanding.

Goal 4 Strategies

4.1  Build an engaged and skilled staff, fully equipped to provide outstanding customer service.

4.2  Provide physical and digital collections that are both popular and meet a broad spectrum of general research needs.

4.3  Provide buildings and grounds at every library that are inviting, appealing, well-maintained and highly functional.

  • Secure funding to provide modern neighborhood libraries in the Urban Core.
  • Complete renovation projects in the service of strategic goals (such as new children's spaces at the Highlands Regional Library and the Charles Webb Wesconnett Regional Library).

4.4  Provide relevant technology targeted to meet the needs of the community.

Goal #5

Increase Convenient Access

JPL will increase convenient access to library resources and services for all residents.

Success Measures:

  • Provide six or seven day service each week at all 21 libraries.
  • Open all 21 libraries 11 hours each day Monday through Thursday.
  • Secure a location for an Oceanway library.
  • In a 2020 Cardholder survey, the highest percentage of respondents in a decade will indicate that:
    • Finding what they are looking for online is simple and easy (≥ 78%).
    • They are satisfied with library hours of operation (≥ 70%).

Goal 5 Strategies

5.1  Restore open hours to peak levels (FY 2008).

5.2  Ensure all residents of Duval County have at least one public library within 15 miles of their home.

5.3  Make it easier for people to discover library materials, programs and services on the JPL website.

Goal #6

Increase Awareness

JPL will raise awareness in the community about the impact of the library and the valuable opportunities and resources it provides.

Success Measures:

  • JPL will outperform the trends of the five years prior to 2018 in visitors and circulation.
  • In FY 2020, compared to 2017:
    • JPL will see increased usage of targets services and resources.
    • JPL will have more visitors to its website and more engaged social media users.
  • In a 2020 cardholder survey at least 10 percent more library users will indicate awareness of targeted JPL resources, programs and services than in the 2017 survey.

Goal 6 Strategies

6.1  Focus on promoting the overall impact JPL makes on this community.

6.2  Increase market segmentation efforts in order to provide the program and service information that is most relevant to customers' particular wants and needs.

6.3  Standardize frontline marketing, creating greater customer awareness of services and resources that are relevant to their interests and needs.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees of Jacksonville Public Library on Aug. 10, 2017.

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