Strategic Agenda

The purpose of the Strategic Agenda is to provide staff and other Library stakeholders with a one-page overview of the critical elements of the Library’s strategy. This annotated version is meant to answer the question, “what drives the decisions we make and the actions we take as an organization?”

Mission + Vision in blue > Priorities + Goal in orange > Services + Principles in yellow > Customer Outcomes in green

#Mission – Why We Exist

To enrich lives, build community and foster success by bringing people, information and ideas together.

#Vision – How We See the Future

Start Here.  Go Anywhere.

#Strategic Priorities – Where We Will Focus to Make an Impact

  1. Improve the community's reading, writing and literacy outcomes.
  2. Improve community-defined lifelong learning outcomes.

#Strategic Goal – How We Measure Our Impact and Demonstrate Critical Mass

75% of Duval households will use or contribute to the Library by the end of the decade (2029).

#Primary Services – Our Investments in Achieving Our Outcomes

  • Collections of accessible, shareable and borrowable materials and content.
  • Classes, events, activities and programs that highlight and connect people to the collections.
  • Publicly available technology and computing.
  • Publicly available study, meeting and activity spaces.

#Operational Principles – What Guides and Focuses Our Work

  • Enhance staff and customer wellness.
  • Deploy staff where they will make the most impact for customers.
  • Provide staff with learning and advancement opportunities.
  • Centralize and consolidate activities when consistency and predictability are important.
  • Provide customers with the means to manage their own experiences.
  • Measure and target what needs to show progress or change.
  • Fund the present and the future (not past successes).
  • Employ excellence in all endeavors (or don’t do them).

#Customer Outcomes – How the Community Is Better

  • Individuals read and write better -- Impact
  • Community members are more engaged in lifelong learning -- Impact
  • A super-majority of Duval households use or contribute to the Library and its work -- Critical Mass