About the Library


Jacksonville Public Library Board of Library Trustees Service Philosophy

Vision: Start Here. Go Anywhere.

Mission: To connect people with ideas that enlighten, encourage, inspire, enrich and delight.

The Board of Library Trustees (Board) administers a free public library system for the use and enjoyment of the residents of Jacksonville. The service philosophy adopted by the Board provides the framework of values and priorities which the Board will consider when making decisions for the Jacksonville Public Library.

  1. The Board seeks to maintain high quality, sustainable service for the long term in order to meet the vision, mission and goals adopted in DESTINATION:next, the Jacksonville Public Library community based Strategic Plan.
  2. Based on the capacity of the Library to meet its Strategic Plan goals, the Board will identify those service directions which can be maintained and sustained, and support those organizational directions.
  3. The Board will seek sustainable funding for the future by exploring alternative revenue streams.
  4. Recognizing that particular service areas may have different needs, the Board will make service decisions based upon the mission, library science principles, available dollars, usage trends, community feedback and data, and the library’s capacity to effectively deliver relevant resources.
  5. The impact of all service decisions will be considered for both the short and the long term, and will be built upon a logical progression of steps consistent with the Board’s service philosophy.
  6. The Board places high value on:
    1. well qualified, efficiently deployed staff, as the foundation for all Library service;
    2. maintaining and enhancing its collection, as well as its technological infrastructure;
    3. the maintenance, infrastructure, cleanliness, and security of library facilities, and recognizes that a philosophy of sustainable service delivery for the future must include sufficient funding for facilities.
  7. Members of the Board of Library Trustees are committed to communicating the value of the Jacksonville Public Library, and the critical need for financial support, to the people of Jacksonville. Therefore, Trustees will develop relationships with elected officials, advocate for the Library budget, and be involved in the community on behalf of the Library.
  8. The Board will nurture supportive relations with the Friends of the Library and the Jacksonville Public Library Foundation, and will seek sustainable funding for the future.

Adopted by the Board of Library Trustees: 12/10/09