Teen Think Tank (6th - 12th Grade): Get Caught Reading

Gather around, I'm going to impart some great social advice here: If you want to get to know somebody, like really know them, ask them what their favorite book is! Seriously, you can learn a lot about a person by what they read (or listen to—because Audiobooks totally count)! Talking about books usually gets people to open up about all sorts of things. NOW, if you want someone to ask you about your favorite book, carry it around with you and "Get Caught Reading!" We'll even make it easy for you as we happen to be celebrating the nationwide campaign “to promote the fun of reading books for all ages” this week! Be sure to post your pics with #jaxlibrary and tell us how it goes! (YOU'RE WELCOME!)

#READ: The Iron Raven by Julie Kagawa

The Iron Raven book coverA first entry in a standalone trilogy set in the world of The Iron Fey finds King Oberon's right-hand jester, Puck, sharing his story while teaming up with Iron Queen Meghan Chase, prince consort Ash and allies old and new to confront a threat to the lands of Faery.


#LISTEN: I Hope You're Listening by Tom Ryan read by Caitlin Davies

I Hope You're ListeningIn her small town, seventeen year-old Delia Dee Skinner is known as the girl who wasn't taken. Ten years ago, she witnessed the abduction of her best friend, Sibby. And even though she told the police everything she remembered, it wasn't enough. Sibby was never seen again. At night, Dee deals with her guilt by becoming someone else: the Seeker, the voice behind the popular true-crime podcast Radio Silent, which features missing-persons cases and works with online sleuths to solve them. Nobody knows Dee's the Seeker, and she plans to keep it that way. When another little girl goes missing and the case is linked to Sibby's disappearance, Dee has a chance to get answers, with the help of her virtual detectives and an intriguing new girl at school. But how much is she willing to reveal about herself in order to uncover the truth? Dee's about to find out what's really at stake in unraveling the mystery of the little girls who vanished.


#EXPLORE: Can You Guess These Books From Their Description?

Can You Guess These Books From Their Description?

Try your hand at this quiz from EPIC READS! (image @epicreads.com)

#JOIN: Teen Advisory Board (TAB)

Imagine if the library were made just for you and your friends. What types of programs and events would you have? Join the Teen Advisory Board to tell the library what you and your friends like to do, and see the changes start to happen. (For ages 12 – 17)
Saturday, May 8, 2021 – 1:00 pm

#KEEP READING: Check out these new books that you'll want to "get caught reading!"


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