1.3.1 — Schedule of Service

Effective: January 20, 2022
Last Reviewed: January 20, 2022

  1. Purpose
  2. The purpose of this policy is to define the days and hours each library location is open to the public.  Additionally, this policy outlines the authority of the Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) in prescribing library schedules, including setting or changing of operational hours.

  3. BOLT Authority
  4. Per Section 662.102 of the City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, the Board of Library Trustees is authorized to establish a schedule of operational hours during which libraries, branches, reading rooms, mobile libraries and all other facilities under its control will be open for regular service.

  5. Schedule of Regular Open Hours
    1. The BOLT will establish and maintain an annual Schedule of Regular Open Hours for each library location open to the public based on the budget established by the City Council.
    2. The Schedule of Regular Open Hours will be appended to this policy upon approval by the BOLT as 1.3.1 - Attachment A.

  6. Annual Holiday Schedule
    1. The BOLT will approve the schedule of holiday closures annually based on information provided by the Library Director regarding the official City of Jacksonville holidays.
    2. The Annual Holiday Schedule will be appended to this policy upon approval by the BOLT as 1.3.1 - Attachment B.

  7. Temporary Closures of Libraries
    1. In the case of a temporary limited emergency (such as a failed air handling system, a complete/substantial power failure, or a water main break impacting a single library facility), the Library Director is authorized to act with respect to closing any Jacksonville Public Library building or facility.  Immediately upon determining the conditions of a limited emergency, the Library Director or his/her designee will notify members of the BOLT, the Office of the Mayor (via the City of Jacksonville’s Chief Administrative Officer), the Director of the Department of Public Works, and other stakeholders required by the specific closure.
    2. All library buildings are public buildings, and, as such, are subject to the provisions of Section 122.107 of the Ordinance Code concerning limited emergencies that do not qualify as temporary limited emergencies.

  8. Authorization to Define Procedures
  9. The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Library Director to establish procedures to administer this policy, and to delegate any and all responsibilities herein to other staff through such procedures.

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