3.1.6 — Library Fee Schedules

Effective: October 1, 2023
Last Reviewed: October 10, 2017

  1. Authorization
  2. The Library Fee Schedules included in this policy are established by the Board of Library Trustees of the Jacksonville Public Library and are authorized through policy 3.1.5 Library Fees.

  3. Materials Replacement Fees
    1. Borrowers who fail to return borrowed or otherwise used materials or who return them damaged or in a condition unsuitable for future use will be charged a replacement fee.
    2. A standard replacement fee for each type of material included in the Library’s Physical Collection is listed below.

    Type of Material (per item replaced) Average Replacement Price
    Adult Book Nonfiction (hardcover) $31.00
    Adult Book Fiction (hardcover) $29.00
    Adult Paperback $23.00
    Teen Book Nonfiction (hardcover) $22.00
    Teen Book Fiction (hardcover) $20.00
    Teen Paperback $18.00
    Graphic Novels $20.00
    Children’s Book Nonfiction (hardcover) $24.00
    Children’s Book Fiction (hardcover) $17.00
    Children’s Paperback $10.00
    Magazine, Pamphlet or Zine $6.00
    Compact Disc (music) $20.00
    Compact Disc (spoken) $48.00
    DVD $28.00
    Musical Score $26.00
    Traveling Tales Children’s Book Same as Children’s Book Fiction (hardcover) (above)
    Traveling Tales DVD Same as DVD (above)
    Traveling Tales Compact Disc (music) Same as Compact Disc (music) (above)
    Traveling Tales flannel board felt $7.00
    Traveling Tales flannel board pieces $9.00
    Traveling Tales manipulative $45.00
    Traveling Tales program manual $18.00
    Traveling Tales tote bag $18.00
    Laptop (Chromebook) $315.00
    Laptop (FSCJ) $1,051.00
    Laptop case (Chromebook) $30.00
    Laptop case (FSCJ) $32.00
    Laptop power cord (Chromebook & FSCJ) $50.00
    Wi-Fi Hotspot (including FSCJ hotspots) $60.00

  4. Collection Agency Fee
  5. A fee of $10.00 will be added to each account sent to the collection agency for recovery.

    Service Cost
    Collection Agency fee (per account) $10.00

  6. Non-Resident Fees
  7. A fee of $175.00 will be charged annually for each Non-Resident Subscriber account.

    Service Cost
    Non-Resident Subscriber Fee (per year) $175.00

  8. Computer & Printing Fees

  9. Service Cost
    Guest pass (per day) $2.00
    Black & white print or copy (per page) $.15
    Color print or copy (per page) $.50
    Scan (per job) $.05

  10. Interlibrary Loan Fees
  11. The Library assesses fees on the customer’s account based on the copying, late, lost or damage fees assessed by the owning library.

    Service Cost
    Interlibrary Loan Fees varies—determined by owning library

  12. Procedures
  13. The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Library Director to establish procedures to administer this policy, and to delegate any and all responsibilities herein to other staff through such procedures, including the assessment, waiving and/or refunding of library fees.

  14. Associated Library Policies
  15. Relevant Laws and Legislation
    1. City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Section 111.830
    2. City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Section 662.104
    3. City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Section 662.105
    4. City of Jacksonville Ordinance Code, Section 662.106
    5. Municipal Code Sec. 90.102. - Authority of Board
    6. Municipal Code Chapter 662 - LIBRARY SYSTEM AND SERVICES