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Completely Booked: Lit Chat with Chuck Wendig

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Have you ever read a sci-fi or fantasy book and wondered, what kind of a mind thinks up these new worlds? Find out and get a peek inside of one at our Lit Chat with Chuck Wendig!

Completely Booked: Lit Chat with Tyler Gillespie

Tyler Gillespie Lit Chat Podcast Episode

We all know a “Florida Man”, but how many of us want to admit to being one? In The Thing About Florida, author Tyler Gillespie takes on the strange people and stories of the Sunshine State from the perspective of a fifth-generation Florida native. Gillespie joins us to talk about what he discovered in his quest to learn more about the state we all call home.

Completely Booked: Lit Chat with Taylor Anderson

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New York Times Bestseller Taylor Anderson talks about the last book in his Destroyermen series, Winds of Wrath. The Destroyermen Series follows the crew of the WWI destroyer USS Walker which is mysteriously transported to an alternate version of earth where unfathomable new wars, and embattled new species, pose even greater threats.

Lit Chat with Michael Regina

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Jacksonville artist Michael Regina published his first books with Kickstarter money back in 2013, and now his newest book, The Sleepover, is being published by a major imprint. Find out how he achieved this success in our Lit Chat!


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