Short Box Podcast - Badr Milligan

Monday, April 8, 2019
Badr Milligan of the shortbox podcast with Jenna of the Completely Booked podcast in front of the comic book collection at the Jacksonville Public Library

Badr Milligan is one of the founders and co-hosts of The Shortbox Podcast, Jacksonville's premier comic book and pop culture podcast! Hurley and Jenna were featured on their show in February 2019 to talk Goosebumps and Jax Book Fest. Badr discusses his show and love of comic books. Jenna and Producer Bryan give you an overview of our upcoming Comic Con events! 

Badr's Favorite Comics:

#Spider-Man: Blue

Comic Book cover for Spider-Man: Blue by Jeph Loeb

#Daredevil: Born Again

Comic Book cover for Daredevil: Born Again in the Jacksonville Public Library collection

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