Completely Booked 2019 Archive

Professional Musician - Kate Caliendo

Kate Caliendo, horn player with the Jacksonville Symphony, at the Main Library in Downtown jacksonville, FL.

Kate Caliendo, one of the talented horn musicians with the Jacksonville Symphony, joins us on our show today to talk about her trajectory into classical music, her all-time favorite symphonic pieces, as well as the future of classical music. 

Human Cheetah - Kelsey Beckmann

Kelsey Beckmann, dietician at Meteor Nutrition and 2020 Olympic marathon trial qualifier, at the jacksonville public library in Downtown Jacksonville.

Kelsey Beckmann is here to tell you that good food can make you faster, stronger and healthier. She's a registered dietitian and owner of Meteor Nutrition, where she offers customized meal plans for clients, particularly athletes. Kelsey is also a qualifier for the 2020 Olympic marathon trials (no big deal). In fact, the first race she ever ran was 50 kilometers—that's 31 miles. 

Yes And - Robert Reid

Hurley and Jenna with Robert Reid. Former Second City improviser, owner of Mirth Creative Co, and leader of improv troupe Spotlight Giant.

This week on our show, former Second City improviser Robert Reid catches us up on his current improvising with his troupe Spotlight Giant and discusses the importance of "yes and" in every part of life.

Downtown Jax - Jake Gordon

Completely booked podcast host, Jenna posing with Downtown Vision, Inc. CEO Jake Gordon in the Jacksonville Public Library podcast studio. They are holding pieces of paper with blue writings of Jake's kids favorite books

Jake Gordon is the CEO of Downtown Vision, Inc., a not-for-profit 501(c)6 organization whose mission is to create and support a vibrant Downtown and to promote Downtown as an exciting place to live, work, visit and invest. 

Jake tells us all about what Downtown Vision is currently working on, and what the goals are for the future. He gives us some updates on big projects like the future of the Jacksonville Landing and the Laura Street Trio renovation. We also get some stellar book recommendations from his kids!

Short Box Podcast - Badr Milligan

Badr Milligan of the shortbox podcast with Jenna of the Completely Booked podcast in front of the comic book collection at the Jacksonville Public Library

Badr Milligan is one of the founders and co-hosts of The Shortbox Podcast, Jacksonville's premier comic book and pop culture podcast! Hurley and Jenna were featured on their show in February 2019 to talk Goosebumps and Jax Book Fest. Badr discusses his show and love of comic books. Jenna and Producer Bryan give you an overview of our upcoming Comic Con events! 

Stronger Than Stigma - Gabrielle Magid

Stronger Than Stigma founder Gabrielle Magid in Jacksonville, FL at the Main Library

Gabrielle Magid is Stronger Than Stigma. The nonprofit organization founder started focusing on millennial mental health advocacy back in 2013 when she was a student at the University of Florida. During our conversation, Gabrielle shares the challenges of running a nonprofit from a young age, the mission behind her Nobody's Happy comedy tour, as well as the reasons why we should stop throwing around words like "crazy" and "depressing."

Curious Music - Keith Marks

Keith Marks, founder of Avant, at the Jacksonville Public Library in Downtown jacksonville

Keith Marks wants us all to get curious. He's the founder of Avant, a nonprofit organization bringing musical acts to the Jacksonville area—many of which the people of Jacksonville have never heard of. He's also the donor of the Jacksonville Public Library's Radical Jewish Music collection, which he tells us all about during our engaging conversation.