Completely Booked 2019 Archive

Jax Cooking Studio - Terri Davlantes

Jax Cooking Studio, Jacksonville Cooking classes, Terri Davlantes, Completely Booked, Jacksonville podcast, Jacksonville Public Library

On this episode we chat with the founder of Jax Cooking Studio, Terri Davlantes. Terri believes that food should enrich your life, so she started Jax Cooking Studio to teach people how to plan and cook hearty, delicious meals that are easy and affordable.

Sally Corporation - John Wood

Sally Corporation, Jacksonville Public Library, Podcast, Completely Booked Podcast, Joker, Dark Rides

Founded in 1977, Sally Corporation began as an animatronic production company to help market corporate brands in a unique and entertaining way. Since then, Sally has evolved into the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of the most successful dark rides around the world. On this episode of Completley Booked, we chat with CEO John Wood about the magic that happens inside of their Jacksonville headquarters.

Oh, Florida! - Craig Pittman

Craig Pittman, Oh Florida, Completely Booked Podcast, Jacksonville Public Library

Author and journalist, Craig Pittman, joins us on the show to talk about his New York Times Best-Selling book, Oh, Florida! It's a hilarious and historical exploration of our marvelously weird "Sunshine State" that proves Florida is both a paradise and a punchline.

Young Buck Coffee - Ryan Fletcher

Young Buck Coffee, Ryan Fletcher, Jacksonville Public Library, Completely Booked, Local Coffee, Coffee Roasters Jacksonville

On this episode, we interview Ryan Fletcher who is the owner of Young Buck Coffee Roasters here in Jacksonville. It’s a start-up coffee company that’s already making a huge splash in the community, no pun intended. Ryan gives us his expert insight on coffee, plus we do an on-air coffee tasting that’s both educational and delicious.

Top Gun Days - Dave "Bio" Baranek

Top Gun Days, Dave Bio Baranek, Jacksonville Public Library, Completely Booked, Navy

Dave "Bio" Baranek was an aerial combat instructor at the elite Navy Fighter Weapons School, Topgun. While serving as an instructor in 1985, he had the unusual experience of flying aerial sequences used in the film "Top Gun." We chat with him about his experiences and about his book Top Gun Days: Dogfighting, Cheating Death, and Hollywood Glory as One of America's Best Fighter Jocks.

A Life Beyond Reason - Chris Gabbard

Chris Gabbard and son, August Gabbard

On this episode, we chat with Chris Gabbard about his new book, A Life Beyond Reason: A Father's Memoir. Dr. Gabbard recounts his unexpected journey to enlightenment while caring for his son, August, who was profoundly mentally and physically handicapped due to medical malpractice.

Celestial Farms - Veronica Pasciuto

Baby goat from Celestial Farms

On this episode, we sit down with Veronica Pasciuto, owner and founder of Celestial Farms. Celestial Farms is an animal rescue that opened in the spring of 2000 with the goal to learn, heal, and grow. Veronica talks about the work her and her team put into the farm every day, the adorable animals you can expect to find if you visit, and some of the fantastic activities and events they have coming up!

Local Author - Michael Wiley

Michael Wiley

Dr. Michael Wiley is a local author and literature professor at the University of North Florida. He joins us today to discuss his latest novel, Monument Road, which is a robust and thrilling tale set right here in Northeast Florida. Dr. Wiley tells us about his writing process and the peculiar research that goes into writing crime fiction.