Little Learners: Space

This week we’re traveling out of this world to explore space. Climb aboard as we blast off in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, let's go!  

#READ: Pete The Cat Out of This World by James Dean

Pete the Cat Out of This World

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Blast off into space with author and artists James Dean and everyone's favorite cat-stronaut, Pete the Cat, in Pete the Cat: Out of This World. When Pete heads off to space camp, he gets to float in zero gravity, build rockets, and even goes on an extraordinary interstellar mission that is out of this world-literally. Houston, ready to rock out with Pete the Cat! 

Increase pre-literacy skills as you read together:  

  • Tell your little one the meaning of words they may not know as you read. For example, gravity keeps you on the Earth. There is not as much gravity in space, so you float!  
  • Act out the story. Pretend you are floating in space or driving a rover on another planet. Use your fingers to count down with the book and then blastoff like a rocket.  
  • Before reading some of the pages, look at the illustration together. Ask your little one to talk about what they see or what they think might be happening.  


#SING: Take Our Space Shuttle Up 

(Tune: Elevator Song)  

Oh the Earth is great,  

And the Earth is grand,  

But there are lots of other planets,  

When we blast off from the land.  


And we fly way up,  

To the planet Mars,  

And this is what we do,  

When we launch into the stars.  


Take our space shuttle up,  

Take our space shuttle down,  

Take our space shuttle up,  

Take our space shuttle down,  

Take our space shuttle up,  

Take our space shuttle down,  

And we rotate around.

#EXPLORE: Planet Painting

Arts and Crafts - Planets
Paint on a table


  • White paper
  • Liquid paint
  • Shallow box or tray
  • Hard round objects, such as 5-6 marbles or 2 golfballs


  1. Cut paper to fit the shallow box/tray and place it into the bottom of the box/tray. 
  2. Have your little one scoop or squirt paint onto various spots of the paper. 
  3. Place the "planets" (round objects) into the box/tray. 
  4. Have your little one roll the planets around in the paint by gently tilting the box different ways. 
  5. The planets will cause the paint to streak across the paper and create designs. 

For more activities like this one, check out the book Dribble Drabble: Process Art Experiences for Young Children.  

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#KEEP READING: Explore more space with these books!


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