Little Learners November 2022: Opposites

Up, down! Fast, slow! Stop! Now go, go, go! Have fun learning about opposites with this month's books and activities! 

#READ: Octopus Opposites by Stella Blackstone

Octopus Opposites book cover


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Empty, full; push, pull; young, old; hot, cold! The creatures in this vibrant book range from friendly elephants to exotic kookaburras, each with a pair of opposites to share. 

Increase pre-literacy skills as you read together: 

  • Act out opposites like "in and out" and "hot and cold" with your little one. 
  • Ask your little learner to fill in the opposite words. For example, "Kookaburra high, kookaburra ___ ."
  • Talk with your little learner about where the animals live.  

#SING: Roly Poly 

(Tune: Frère Jacques)


#EXPLORE: Opposites Flash Cards 

Parent showing child a flash card


  • 6-10 index cards or 2-3 sheets of paper cut or torn into quarter sheets 
  • Pen or marker


  1. Using pen and paper or index cards, make flash cards with about five opposite pairs. For example, write "up" on one card and "down" on another. Here are some more ideas: 
    • Clean and dirty
    • Big and small
    • Soft and hard
  1. Place the cards in places and on things that correspond to their meaning. Place the "open" card near an open container, for instance. 
  2. Explore opposites with your little one by talking with them about what the words mean and helping them find the opposite pairs. 

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