Little Learners (Birth - Age 4): Pirates

Arrrr you ready for a pirate adventure? Aye? Explore the high seas and search for treasure in this week's books.  

#READ – Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map by James Dean 

Pete the Cat and the Treasure Map Book Cover

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Pete the Cat and his crew battle a sea monster as they follow a map to find a hidden treasure. 

Increase pre-literacy skills as you read together: 

  • Trace the path on the treasure map to the "X." Ask you little one to identify the letter “X” before saying aloud. 
  • Have fun talking like a pirate with your child. For example, point to and say the following words and phrases in the book together: 
    • Aye 
    • mateys 
    • Arrrrrgh! 
    • Yo ho ho! 
  • Make sound effects when reading “swoosh,” “splash,” “squawk,” and “kir-splash” and encourage your little one to make the sounds too.  


#SING – I Am a Pirate 

I Am a Pirate 

I am a pirate. I sail the sea. 

I search for treasure where I please.  

I have a hook on my hand.  


I am a pirate. I sail the sea. 

I search for treasure where I please. 

I wear a patch on my eye. 


I am a pirate. I sail the sea. 

I search for treasure where I please.  

I have a peg on my leg.  

#EXPLORE – X Marks the Spot

Child with a Spyglass
Treasure Map


  • 1-3 Sticky Notes or scraps of paper
  • Pencil, pen, or crayon

Ways to Explore: 

  • Write an "X" on a Sticky Note or a piece of paper. Ask your little one if they know which letter it is. Practice saying "X" with your little learner. 
  • Go on a treasure hunt together: Ask your child to cover their eyes. Place the Sticky Note or paper with the "X" on a favorite toy, in their favorite spot, or anywhere at all. When they find the "X," ask them to say the letter. 
  • Show your little one how to make an "X" by crossing their index fingers. This helps prepare your child to write by strengthening the small muscles in their hands.  

#JOIN – Join us for storytime virtually or at branches!  

Pop-Up Storytime

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Join us for a storytime either outside of our library or in the community! Your child loves singing, dancing, playing, and reading! Gather them around for a storytime they won’t forget featuring Pirate Jack Gets Dressed by Nancy Raines Day and We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt by Kelly DiPucchio!  

Virtual Little Movers & Shakers

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Let’s get the wiggles out! This music-based program is for children from birth to pre-k and their families. Through books, songs, and movement activities we will build pre-literacy skills. Get moving with Pirate Nap: A Book of Colors by Danna Smith 

We’re Going on a Treasure Hunt by Kelly DiPucchio 

#KEEP READING – Discover treasures and adventures galore with these books! 


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