Little Learners (Birth - Age 4): Boo/’oo’

Who says "Boo"? What goes "Moo"? Do you "cock-a-doodle-doo"? Have fun exploring the 'oo' sound in words like these with this week's books and activities.

#READ – Boo, Bunny! by Kathryn Galbraith 

Boo, Bunny Book Cover

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Increase pre-literacy skills as you read together: Halloween can be especially spooky for a shy bunny. But when that shy bunny bumps into another shy bunny, friendship scares away fear. 

  • Practice making the 'oo' sound in "boo" and "Whoooooo!" 
  • Act out opposites like "whisper" and "shout." 
  • Make the sounds of animals in the book such as "eek" and "squeak." 


#SING – Shoo, Shoo, You Skeleton! 

Sometimes when I’m home alone,  

I hear a scary sound a howl or a moan. 

I don’t worry ‘cause I know what to do.  

These magic words will get you through.  


Shoo shoo, you skeleton! 

Shoo shoo, you skeleton! 

Shoo shoo, you skeleton!  

Take your old bones home.  


The world can seem like a scary place.  

Your big sister makes a scary face.  

Lights out can seem too dark for you,  

But you know just what to do.  


Shoo shoo, you skeleton! 

Shoo shoo, you skeleton! 

Shoo shoo, you skeleton! 

Take your old bones home.  


Howl like a wolf. 

Do a skeleton shake.  

Go “boo” Like a ghost.  

Hiss like a snake.


#EXPLORE – Build a Word

Toy Block Letters


  • Block letters, magnetic letters, or pencil or crayon and paper

Ways to explore: 

  • Using block or magnetic letters, ask your little one to find two O's and place them side by side. If you do not have block or magnetic letters, write two O's side by side on a sheet of paper or ask you little one to form O's with their hands. Have fun practicing the 'oo' sound together. 
  • Look and listen all around for words with the 'oo' sound such as moon, boot, or food. Say the words together. 
  • Use block, magnetic, or written letters to show how the words appear when printed. 

#JOIN – Join us for storytime virtually or at branches!  

Pop-Up Storytime

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Join us for a storytime either outside of our library or in the community! Your child loves singing, dancing, playing and reading! Gather them around for a storytime they won’t forget featuring The Little Ghost Who Lost Her Boo by Elaine Bickell and We’re Going on a Goon Hunt by Michael Rex!  

Virtual Little Movers & Shakers

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Let’s get the wiggles out! This music-based program is for children from birth to pre-K and their families. Through books, songs, and movement activities we will build pre-literacy skills. Get moving with Zip! Zoom! On a Broom by Teri Sloat and We’re Going on a Goon Hunt by Michael Rex. 

Register for Early Childhood programs here. 

#KEEP READING – Have more adventures with the ‘oo’ sound in "moo" and visit the zoo too when you ready the books below.



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