Executive/Personnel Committee Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) January 8, 2020

Executive/Personnel Committee
Board of Library Trustees (BOLT)
January 8, 2020
3:00 PM
Main Library Conference Center, Room G1
303 North Laura Street
Jacksonville, FL 32202

Committee Members Present:
Carlo Fassi, Chair
Virginia Haworth, Vice Chair
Ronnie King, Immediate Past Chair

Committee Member Absent
Mario Payne, Secretary    Staff in Attendance:
Tim Rogers, Library Director
Richard Mott, Interim Clerk of the BOLT

1.    Call to Order
Board Chair Carlo Fassi called the meeting to order at approximately 3:05 pm.

2.    Public Comment
No community members attended the meeting.

3.    Approval of Minutes
Trustee Virginia Haworth moved to approve the minutes of the May 9, 2019, meeting of the Executive Committee. Trustee Ronnie King seconded the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

4.    Discussion of Performance Evaluation Process of Library Director
Trustee King and Library Director Tim Rogers described the process that was implemented to evaluate the Director Rogers the previous year. The committee discussed the capability of new board members being able to evaluate the director’s performance over the previous year since they were not seated during that time. The group discussed the benefit of revising the evaluation instrument and also discussed the practice of self-evaluation.

The group agreed that there was value of having the library director complete a self-assessment, and discussed the rating system.  There was consensus that Director Rogers should provide a self-assessment that includes ratings, but that this self-evaluation would not be shared with the BOLT members until after they completed the evaluation forms. 

Chair Fassi asked the Clerk of the BOLT to send the evaluation form to the full BOLT by email with instructions that it be completed and returned by January 31, 2020   The Clerk will make the evaluations available to the Executive Committee members for their review prior to the group’s next meeting. Because it may be difficult for the BOLT members appointed in October to substantively contribute to the evaluation (due to their short tenure), they will be exempt from completing the form.  However, all trustees should be prepared to discuss the summary evaluation prepared by the Executive Committee as well as the evaluation process and/or forms at the February BOLT meeting.

Chair Fassi tentatively identified Friday, February 7, 2020 at 1;30 pm as the likely date and time of the next Executive Committee meeting, pending confirmation from Trustee Mario Payne.  He reminded the committee to review the evaluations prior to that date.  The Committee will consolidated the written evaluations so it can be shared with the full BOLT at its regular February 20, 2020 meeting. 
5.    Adjournment
The meeting adjourned at  3:31 pm.

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