Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes - October 18, 2018

#Main Library Conference Center

#Jacksonville Public Library

#303 North Laura Street


Ronnie King II, Chair

Tim J. Anderson, Vice-Chair

Sybil Ansbacher, Foundation Liaison

Jill Langford Dame, Secretary

Guy K. Anderson, Trustee

Marc Hardesty, Trustee

Celia Nass, Trustee

Mario Payne, Trustee


Carlo Fassi, Trustee

Donald Horner III, Trustee

Charlie Kleeman, Trustee

Jackie Perry, Trustee


Tim Rogers, Director

Julie McNeil, Assistant Director, Public Services

Gretchen Mitchell, Assistant Director, Support Services

Chuck McNeil, Assistant Director, Finance & Administrative Services

Raymond Albury, Assistant Director, Facilities Management and Planning

Chris Boivin, Assistant Director, Community Relations and Marketing

Andrew Herron, Executive Assistant to Director

Amber Holley, Assistant Director, Learning Services

Richard Mott, Manager, Strategic Initiatives

Lynne Baldwin, Region Manager, West Region

Sara Roberts, Region Manager, Main Region

Michael Sullivan, Manager, Pablo Creek Region

#Others Present:

Hon. John Crescimbeni, Jacksonville City Council

Kevin Kuzel, ECA to Hon. Jim Love, Board Liaison, Jacksonville City Council

Tristan Denmark, ECA to Hon. Tommy Hazouri, Board Liaison, Jacksonville City Council

Brandon Mack, Attending on behalf of Tia Leathers, Board Liaison, DCPS

Robin Albanese, Chair, Jacksonville Public Library Foundation

Dr. Johnny Gaffney, Mayor’s Liaison

Jim McCain, Office of the General Counsel

Margaret Smith, Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library

Judy Klein, Friends of the Murray Hill Library

Roxanne Henkle, Friends of the Willowbranch Library

Honorees and Guests

#Call to Order and Introduction of Guests

Board Chair Ronnie King called the meeting to order shortly after 12N.

#Library Board Support of Ordinance 2018-681, Renaming of Murray Hill Branch Library

City Council Member John Crescimbeni addressed the Board to share details of Ordinance 2018-681, introduced by himself and Council Member Jim Love to the Jacksonville City Council and co-sponsored by Council Members Tommy Hazouri, Joyce Morgan, Scott Wilson, and Greg Anderson.  The ordinance, if passed, would rename the Murray Hill Branch Library as the “Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library” in memory of civic and library supporter William “Bill” Brinton.

Trustee Marc Hardesty moved that the Board resolve to support proposed Ordinance 2018-681, renaming the Murray Hill Branch Library as the “Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library.”

Trustee Tim Anderson seconded the motion.  Approved.

#Honors and Recognition

Chair King and Library Director Tim Rogers honored Judy Klein of the Friends of the Murray Hill Library for having been named by the City of Jacksonville’s Public Affairs Office as Public Information Partners Exchange (PIPE) Champion for September 2018 for her advocacy of the Murray Hill Library.They also recognized Friends of the Brentwood Library Founder and Advocate Sharon Coon and Youth Services Librarian Julie Rekow of the Beaches Branch Library for having been recognized by the Northeast Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN) for their advocacy and outreach efforts respectively.

Chair King and Director Rogers recognized staff who made noteworthy contributions to the 2018 Summer Learning Program: Kim Bennett, Melodie Brunson, Mia Brack, Kevin Douglas, Tanja Farrell, Eve Harm, Susan Mankowski, Beverly Mason, Allison Mason, Elizabeth McConney, Rebekah Mitchell, Joanna Nigrelli, Shawn Norton, Marcie O’Dell, Allison Pulley, Lorna Reid, Julie Rekow, Christie Rogers, Luis Terron, Christina Wyatt, and Kate Zakharov.

The Consent Agenda of October 18th, 2018 was presented to the Board.  It included:

  • Approval of the Board’s Minutes of September 13th, 2018
  • Proposed budget for expending State Aid funds
  • Proposed budget for expending Foundation funds
  • Proposal to rescind prior action to close the Murray Hill Library late for a Halloween event.

At the request of Trustee Celia Nass, Chair King revised the Consent Agenda by removing Item d). 

Trustee Jill Dame moved to approve the Consent Agenda as revised.  Trustee Nass seconded the motion.  Approved.

The group took no further action on Item d), as it staff determined it unnecessary after consultation with the Friends of the Murray Hill Library.

#Chair’s Report and Budget Discussion

Chair King updated trustees on events of relevance to the Board.He noted that the City Council approved Mayor Lenny Curry’s proposed budget for 2019, including funds to bring all libraries up to 6-day-a-week service, to keep the collection budget at its 2018 level, to bring part-time salaries in line with full-time salaries, to acquire land and conduct preliminary design on an Oceanway Library, and to study what improvements are necessary to meet the needs of customers in the system’s Urban Core branches.Staff are at work on proposals to schedule the additional weekly hours of service.Donald Horner III has been oriented to the Board and will attend next month.Committee assignments will remain the same as in the prior year, with two exceptions:

Trustee Horner will join the Governance Committee, and

Members of the Executive Committee (Chair King, Vice-Chair Tim Anderson, and Secretary Jill Dame) will comprise the Personnel Committee.

He also alerted Trustees that they’ll receive forms in short order on which to evaluate Director Rogers’s annual performance.

#Director’s Report

Director Rogers highlighted his monthly report to the Board, which was provided in written form.He noted that staff are at work on proposals to schedule additional weekly hours of service in the wake of the City Council’s budget enhancements, that the library receives considerable value from Northeast Florida Library Information Network (NEFLIN) staff training, and that work continues by the City to identify the most ideal site for the upcoming Oceanway Library.

#Staff Presentations

Amber Holley, Assistant Director for Learning Services, presented results of the 2018 Summer Learning Program, and Richard Mott, Manager for Strategic Initiatives, discussed the library’s annual progress towards objectives on its Strategic Plan.

#Old Business – Rescinding Early Closure of Main Library

In view of a cancellation of a planned Library Foundation fundraiser by the Foundation’s partner, the Colonial Dames,

Trustee Marc Hardesty moved to rescind previously approved early closure of the Main Library on January 23rd, 2019.

Trustee Guy Anderson seconded the motion.Approved.

#Committee Reports

Committee Chairs and trustees reported on their latest areas of discussion, and Foundation Chair Robin Albanese discussed measures being taken by the Foundation to ensure due diligence and continuity in the wake of the recent termination of Executive Director Dr. Jamie Self.

#Mayor’s Office and Ex-Officio Reports

City Council ECA to Tommy Hazouri Tristan Denmark, City Council ECA to Jim Love Kevin Kuzel, Brandon Mack of Duval County Public Schools, and Mayoral Liaison Dr. Johnny Gaffney reported on their areas of activity.

#Friends Reports

Friends groups reported on their recent and upcoming areas of activity.


The meeting was adjourned.

Approved by the Board of Library Trustees November 15, 2008

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