Board of Library Trustees Meeting Minutes - July 18, 2019

#Main Library Conference Center, Multi-Purpose Room

Jacksonville Public Library

303 North Laura Street

Jacksonville, FL 32202


Ronnie King II, Chair

Tim J. Anderson, Vice-Chair

Jill Langford Dame, Board Secretary

Guy K. Anderson, Trustee

Carlo Fassi, Trustee

Donald Horner III, Trustee

Jackie Perry, Trustee

Celia Nass, Trustee

#Not Present:

Sybil Ansbacher, Trustee

Marc Hardesty, Trustee

Mario Payne, Trustee


Tim Rogers, Library Director

Julie McNeil, Deputy Director for Public Services

Gretchen Mitchell, Deputy Director for Support Services

Ray Albury, Assistant Director for Facilities Management and Planning

Lynne Baldwin, Region Manager, West Region

Marshelle Berry, Region Manager, North Region

Chris Boivin, Assistant Director for Community Relations and Marketing

Andrew Herron, Executive Assistant to the Director

Amber Holley, Assistant Director for Learning Services

Lynn Jacobson, Systems and Technology Manager

Keli Likins, Region Manager, South Region

Chuck McNeil, Assistant Director for Financial Services

Richard Mott, Manager for Strategic Initiatives

Tracy Pigott, Manager, Professional Development and Training Services

Michael Sullivan, Region Manager, East Region

#Others Present:

Hon. Terrance Freeman, Board Liaison, Jacksonville City Council (Arr. 12:45PM)

Hon. Reggie Gaffney, Board Liaison, Jacksonville City Council

Jim McCain, Assistant General Counsel, City of Jacksonville

Kathy MacIlvaine, Chair, Jacksonville Public Library Foundation

Margaret Smith, Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library

Jeannette Ali, Friends of the Brentwood Branch Library

Judy Klein, Friends of the Murray Hill Branch Library

Nancy Beecher, Friends of Murray Hill Branch Library

Roxanne Henkle, Friends of the Willowbranch Library

#Call to Order

Board Chair Ronnie King II called the meeting to order at approximately 12:05PM.

#Introduction of Newcomers and Guests

Chair King welcomed Council Member Reggie Gaffney, the Board’s new liaison to the City Council. 

#Public Comment

No visitors commented.

#Honors and Recognition

Chair King and Library Director Tim Rogers named Christina Pope as Jacksonville Public Library’s Employee of the Quarter for her work in the West Region. Also recognized for meritorious service were employees Ray Albury, Jessica Carpenter, Patricia Ferranti, Reed Hoteko, Justin Keiser, Paul Krauss, Corey Scott, Callie Myatt, Brad Schwarzbauer, Rebecca Stagg, Ezra Thomas, and Thang Tiang.

Branch Manager Lilia Simonton was honored for service rendered prior to her retirement in May.

The Consent Agenda of July 18, 2019 was presented to the Board. It included:

  1. Board Meeting Minutes: May 16, 2019,
  2. Monthly Financial Report: June 2019 (for month ending May 31, 2019),
  3. Monthly Financial Report: July 2019 (for month ending June 30, 2019).

Trustee Jill Dame moved to approve the Consent Agenda as presented.

Trustee Tim Anderson seconded the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

#Chair’s Report

Chair King updated trustees on events of relevance to the Board. He named Trustees Jill Dame, Carlo Fassi, Donnie Horner, Celia Nass, and Mario Payne to an ad hoc committee to review the Board’s bylaws and Trustees Fassi and Horner to a nominating committee to recommend a slate of officers for Board Year 2020.

#Director’s Report

Director Rogers presented his monthly report to the Board, which was also provided in written form. He gratefully noted the Mayor’s recent budget proposal, which included added funds for maintenance (within internal service charges), security (within the overtime budget), and dollars for materials.

He also addressed the recent need to cancel a previously scheduled “Pride Prom” at the Willowbranch Library due to safety and security concerns. The Pride Prom had been scheduled to provide a safe space for teens who might feel uncomfortable at a traditional prom, but it was cancelled when Rogers was not confident that the Library had adequate measures in place to safely address the potential activities of protesters and counter-protesters. Trustees thanked Director Rogers for his leadership but lamented that it was necessary to cancel a worthy event. Rogers reported that staff had begun to develop a standard process for ensuring that all large scale events like the Pride Prom include a safety and security plan. The development of such a plan will enable the Library to hold events even if protests or demonstrations occur. The Board members expressed support for this approach.

#Old Business – None

#New Business – Authorization to Close Branches for HVAC Maintenance

In order to allow HVAC maintenance at numerous branches, staff requested that six branches be closed at various times in August.

Trustee Carlo Fassi moved to authorize the branch closures listed below until repairs are complete:

  1. Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch (starting 8/19/2019)
  2. Brown Eastside Branch (starting 8/5/2019)
  3. Dallas Graham Branch (starting 8/5/2019)
  4. Highlands Regional Library (starting 8/12/2019)
  5. South Mandarin Branch (starting 8/5/2019)
  6. Westbrook Branch (starting 8/21/2019).

Trustee Tim Anderson second the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

#Mayor’s Office and Ex-Officio Reports

Chair King welcomed Council Member Terrance Freeman, who had joined the meeting earlier. Council Member Freeman thanked the Board for its work and looked forward to his time as City Council liaison to the Board. Council Member Reggie Gaffney expressed a similar sentiment earlier in the meeting but exited due to a scheduling conflict.

#Committee Reports

Trustee Guy Anderson discussed recent activities regarding capital improvements. Foundation Chair Kathy MacIlvaine discussed recent activities of the Library foundation.


Margaret Smith of the Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library, Jeannette Ali of the Friends of the Brentwood Branch Library, Roxanne Henkle of the Friends of the Willowbranch Library, Judy Klein and Nancy Beecher of the Friends of the Murray Hill Branch Library represented their groups and discussed recent work of their organizations.

#Public Comment

No visitors commented.


The meeting was adjourned.

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