Board of Library Trustees Meeting August 20, 2020

Board of Library Trustees Meeting
August 20, 2020
12:00 PM
Zoom virtual meeting

Carlo Fassi, Chair
Ronnie King II, Trustee            
Celia Nass, Trustee
Steven Eagerton, Trustee
Fernando Meza, Trustee
Jill Langford Dame, Trustee
Matt Swanson, Trustee
Virginia Berg, Trustee
Marc Hardesty, Trustee
Mario Payne, Board Secretary

Tim Rogers, Library Director
Julie McNeil, Deputy Director for Public Services
Gretchen Mitchell, Deputy Director for Support Services
Tristan Denmark, Special Assistant to the Director
Sara Gunter, Administrative Aide
Chris Boivin, Assistant Director for Community Relations & Marketing
Amber Holley, Assistant Director for Learning Services
Guy K. Anderson, Trustee
Donald Horner III, Trustee

Others Present
Tia Leathers, Duval County Public Schools
Joyce Morgan, Council Member
Chester Aikens, Executive Council Assistant
Judy Klein, Friends of the Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library
Margaret Smith, Friends of the Jacksonville Public Library
Jeannette Ali, Friends of the Brentwood Branch Library
Marianna Kane, Friends of the Beaches Branch Library

Staff (continued)
Chuck McNeil, Assistant Director for Financial Services
Zoe Carr, Community Resource Manager

1.    Call to Order/Housekeeping
Board Chair Carlo Fassi called the Zoom meeting to order at 12:02p.m. after confirming that a quorum was present; he welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2.    Welcoming of Invited Guests

3.    First Call for Public Comment
No visitors requested the opportunity to address the Board.

4.    Honors and Recognition
There were no honors or recognitions this month.

5.    Consent Agenda
Chair Fassi asked for a designated motioner and seconder; Trustee Hardesty volunteered to be the motioner and Trustee Meza the seconder. He mentioned that iItem 5b), FY2021 gGeneral fFund rReallocations, needed to be pulled from the Consent Agenda. Chair Fassi asked for a motion to remove the item from the Consent Agenda; Trustee Hardesty motioned and Trustee Meza seconded. 

ACTION:  Item 5b) FY20 General Fund Reallocations was approved unanimously (Trustees Berg, King, Eagerton, Dame, Hardesty, Nass and Meza voted yea; Trustees Payne, Anderson, Horner and Swanson were not present). 

The removal of item 5b, FY2021 general fund reallocations, from the Consent Agenda passed unanimously. Trustee Dame mentioned that the two board policies referenced in items 5c and 5d were mistakenly not included in the packet; they were emailed out just before the meeting. She gave a brief summary of the two items, and made a motion to withdraw the items in the event anyone was concerned that they were not sent out previously. There was no second of the motion.

Chair Fassi asked for a motion to approve the Consent Agenda as amended. Trustee Hardesty motioned and Trustee Meza seconded. 

ACTION:  The Consent Agenda was approved unanimously (Trustees Berg, King, Eagerton, Payne, Dame, Hardesty, Nass and Meza voted yea; Trustees Anderson, Horner and Swanson were not present). Approval of the Consent Agenda as amended passed unanimously.

6.    Chair’s Report
Chair Fassi gave a report on the budget presentation to the City Council Finance Committee. At this time, he mentioned that CM Morgan had joined the meeting. He reminded everyone about the Library Foundation’s annual giving campaign and said that they would like to have 100% of the BOLT contributing.; hHe closed his report by stating that also said that he would be abstaining from the vote on iItem 5b) FY20 General Fund Reallocations that was pulled from the Consent Agenda. 

7.    Director’s Report
Director Rogers welcomed everyone to the August meeting. He mentioned a bill to be introduced by CM Salem that addresses the naming of public facilities, as it could have the effect of removing the  Library BoardBOLT’s ability to name library buildings. It would require all naming to be done as an ordinance of City Council. He is trying to find out a bit more about the bill and will provide more information as he receives it. 

Director Rogers briefly reviewed his report, mentioning the need to make FY2021 gGeneral fFund reallocations prior to the end of the fiscal year. He discussed positive COVID tests among library staff, the Finance Committee Budget hearing, and the upcoming tasks force on the Main Library’s Conference Center. CM Morgan thanked Director Rogers and the BOLT for all they are doing, and said she is excited to be a part of our organization. 
He Director Rogers said the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Task Force would be announced to library staff today. He said we hope to use a facilitator to assist in the process, and said the Governance Committee has expressed interest in having a statement for the Library that addresses diversity, equity and inclusion, so the task force will work onassist the Governance Committee with that effort. He specified that the seven members of the task force either self-volunteered or were suggested by their peers.

Director Rogers introduced Amber Holley, Chris Boivin and Rebekah Mitchell to give a staff report on the Library Academy – virtual learning for youth. Ms. Holley Amber sshared her screen and gave a Zoom presentation on the Learning Services department’s new venture virtual programming options. Ms. Mitchell Rebekah ppresented on the components of Library Academy, and said the idea for it came about from the realization that after the libraries initially closed, people were looking for ideas that they could do at home with their families. The activities they offer are very self-directed and designed to be done in one day with items they already have at home, to be as easy as possible. Chair Fassi asked a question, and Rebekah Ms. Mitchell advised that while she is focusing on children’s programming right now, they are also offering virtual adult programming. The programming is designed for Little Learners, which are preschoolers, Junior Scholars, which are elementary students, and Teen Think Tank for teens. Rebekah Ms. Mitchell said that the programs are very similar to what would be done in the library, but they have been adapted into a virtual format using Prezi. For the art programs, kits with the needed materials can be picked up via curbside service at library branches. She turned the presentation over to Chris Boivin to give more information about the programs; unfortunately, he was having hardware issues and could not present. AmberMs. Holley took over for him and discussed click-through rates for the emails being sent about Library Academy; she also mentioned thate signup rates for the programs so far and they are have been good. She discussed mentioned thatthe adult programming is being offered in the same manneras well. Ms. Tia Leathers asked questions about the weekday activities. She asked for a link to the activities signup and said she would like to send it out to their parent email list. Director Rogers congratulated what a great job Ms. Holley, Ms. MitchellAmber, Rebekah and ChrisMr. Boivin (and their teams) have been doing.

8.    Unfinished Business
There was no unfinished business, but at this time Chair Fassi took up iItem 5b) FY20 General Fund Reallocations which  that was removed from the Consent Agenda earlier in the meetingwas taken up as Unfinished Business. It is concerning the reallocation of funds to purchase thermal temperature cameras for the library; Chair Fassi declared a potential has a conflict and repeated that he would not be voting on the item because his firm’s Miami office has a contract with the camera manufacturer. 

Chair Fassi asked for a motion to approve the FY2021 general fund reallocationItem 5b) FY20 General Fund Reallocations, which will authorize the transfer of funds to  for the purchase of 45 self-check machines to replace older equipment, four thermal cameras, 33 drinking fountains and the request to transfer funding by MBRC recommendation for the library to purchase additional materials. Trustee Hardesty motioned and Trustee Meza seconded. 

ACTION:  Item5b) FY20 General Fund Reallocations was approved unanimously (Trustees Berg, Eagerton, King, Payne, Dame, Hardesty, Nass, Meza and Swanson voted yea; Trustees Anderson and Horner were not present). Approval of the FY2021 general fund reallocation passed unanimously.

9.    Committee Reports
a)    Finance Committee
Chair Fassi called on Finance Committee Chair Swanson to give his report; Trustee Swanson thanked the Finance Committee for their work and decision-making. Chair Fassi congratulated Trustee Swanson on his promotion at Jacksonville University. 
b)    Governance Committee
Chair Fassi called on Governance Committee Chair Dame to give her report. Trustee Dame thanked the Governance Committee for their work, saying they passed a lot of issues at their last meeting, including the MOU, the policies and a library card extension for out-of-county users. She said they also approved, in concept, the process for review of public comments. She asked Director Rogers about the issue of COVID testing at the UPK branch; Director Rogers advised we have not heard from City AdministrationMayor’s Office regarding there potential need for the branch space whether or not they would like to proceed with this.  He will follow up with them, but doubted it would be used. 
c)    Capital Improvements Committee
This committee did not meet.
d)    Personnel/Executive Committee
This committee did not meet.
e)    Foundation Report
Chair Fassi called on Director Rogers to give the Foundation Report. Director Rogers said Foundation Chair Kathy McIlvaine and Interim Associate Director of the Foundation Janet Wesley were not available to be at the meeting. He said the matching challenge raised $10,000 through one-time donations and monthly pledges in July; to date around $17,000 has been raised via the two completely electronic campaigns the Foundation has done this year, which is almost the same amount raised through in-library fundraising last year. The money will go toward the Summer Reading program. Director Rogers also mentioned the workshops between Foundation members and library staff which will better enable the groups to cross promote one another. He said that Janet Ms. Wesley hads recently advised she is taking another position; she will be working on Foundation issues for five-ten hours a week through the end of the year. The Foundation Board has already begun the recruiting and hiring process. He emphasized the importance of BOLT members being part of the Foundation giving campaign, and advised how to give.

Chair Fassi discussed the Nominating Committee, consisting of Trustees Meza, Nass, Horner and King. It will tentatively meet on August 27th Thursday of next weekADD DATE to make create a slate of candidates for the next year of BOLT leadership. He advised anyone interested in serving on the committee to contact the Clerk of the BOLT Tristan Denmarkolt.

10.    Mayor’s Office and Ex-Officio Reports
Ms. Tia LLeathers of DCPS thanked the library and said she always appreciates the ability to partner with us. Director Rogers thanked the school district for all of their help over the past several weeks while preparing to reopen.

11.    Friends Reports
Margaret Smith gave a short report, as did Jeannette Ali and Judy Klein. Ms. Klein Judy asked if there was any update about when the smaller library branches might be reopening; Director Rogers advised that we are working on it. With schools opening up this week we are going to see how it progresses and then make a decision about what the next step will be.     He said we do not like to keep any of the libraries closed, but we must make sure we are keeping our staff and the public safe. Marianna Kane gave a report as well. 

Ms. Tia Leathers suggesteed opening the libraries using a phased system, as that may help people feel more informed.

Trustee Dame asked about getting badge access for the libraries, as she thought she saw it in one of the reports – Deputy Director Mitchell advised yes, that is the case. She gave a bit of information on the project, and said she believes the work will start in late September. Director Rogers expressed everyone’s excitement about it.

12.    Second Call for Public Comment
No visitors requested the opportunity to address the Board.

13.    Adjournment
The meeting was adjourned at 1:16p.m.

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