Board of Library Trustees Finance Committee January 16, 2020

Matt Swanson, Committee Chair
Mario Payne, Trustee
Celia Nass, Trustee
Steven Eagerton, Trustee
Carlo Fassi, Board Chair Ex Officio

Virginia Haworth, Trustee    Others Present
Tim Rogers, Director
Gretchen Mitchell, Deputy Director for     Support Services
Chuck McNeil, Assistant Director, 
            Financial Services
Richard Mott, Manager for Strategic       
Zoe Carr, Community Resource Manager
Tristan Denmark, Special Assistant to the 
            Library Director

Call to Order
Committee Chair Matt Swanson called the meeting to order at 1:30 p.m. A quorum was present.

Amendment of Agenda
Committee Chair Swanson proposed amending the agenda to include the following items of new business: Joint Parking Lot Agreement proposal and schedule of future meetings. Trustee Celia Nass moved to amend the agenda as proposed. Trustee Steven Eagerton seconded the motion. Approved.

Public Comment
No members of the public asked to address the committee.

Approval of Minutes
The committee minutes of the December 19, 2019, meeting were approved.

Monthly Financial Reports
Assistant Director for Finance Chuck McNeil reviewed the Library’s financial reports for the month ending December 31, 2019.  He discussed the revenue shortfall compared to projections, and explained the reason there was no expenditure of LSTA funds. Library Director Tim Rogers described the process to apply for grants. Trustee Payne questioned the Conference Center’s revenue compared to last year; Director Rogers promised to get those numbers for the next meeting. Director Rogers, Deputy Director for Support Services Gretchen Mitchell, and Mr. McNeil responded to questions and requests for more information.
New Business

Public Comment
No members of the public asked to address the committee.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:32 p.m.

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