Board of Library Trustees Committee on Capital Improvements Main Library March 4th, 2020

Board of Library Trustees
Committee on Capital Improvements
Main Library
March 4th, 2020

Committee Members Present:
Guy K Anderson, Chair
Marc Hardesty, Board Member
Steve Eagerton, Board Member
Fernando Meza, Board Member

Committee Members Absent:
Matt Swanson, Board Member
Carlo Fassi, Non-Voting Ex Officio

    Others in Attendance:
Tim Rogers, Director
Ray Albury, Assistant Director, Facilities   
            Management and Planning
Gretchen Mitchell, Deputy Director for     Support Services
Tristan Denmark, Clerk of the BOLT 

Call to Order
Committee Co-Chair Guy Anderson called the meeting to order at 12:35PM.  A quorum was present.

Introduction of Invited Guests
There were no guests present.

Public Comment
There were no visitors present.

Approval of Minutes
Marc Hardesty moved to approve the minutes of the January 8, 2020, meeting of the Capital Improvements Committee. Trustee Eagerton seconded the motion. Approved, unanimous consent.

Unfinished Business
a.    21st Century Urban Branch Study
Library Director Tim Rogers reviewed the proposals for the 21st Century Urban Branch Study, and explained the process of the interviews, questions, and scoring. Director Rogers gave basic information about the bidders, including who does and does not have a history of working on libraries. He mentioned Alex Cohen’s unique community engagement approach – they have essentially proposed hiring a third party. Director Rogers also discussed the desirability of being able to build up and out in the current Urban Core branches. He stated that an important question to each firm will be, ”How are you going to ensure we get community input, not just once, but ongoing, so that the community doesn’t sabotage the project once it starts moving?” Director Rogers advised residents that live within ½ mile of each project will be either the loudest against or the loudest in favor of the project. We want to make sure we are as transparent as possible with the surrounding communities. Trustee Hardesty suggested giving a survey to the communities around each branch, which Director Rogers agreed with, in conjunction with the company. Trustee Hardesty said this survey needs to include questions about 1) what branch the survey taker uses most, 2) what other branches they use, and 3) with what frequency? He stated these questions will help with consolidation in the future. Trustee Anderson mentioned that the Brown-Eastside Branch is separated by the other four Urban Core branches by I-95, so movement between branches for that community is tough. Trustee Anderson asked why Willowbranch is not included in this study; Director Rogers advised because it is a very different branch. Also, it was renovated approximately five years ago. Director Rogers said we will ask the companies how much they already know about the community, and what is their current level of engagement. He advised this study should take around six months, not two years. 
b.    Updates on existing projects
Assistant Director Albury advised the updates are mostly on the same projects as the previous  CIC meeting. He advised that the Bradham & Brooks Branch carpeting and shelving is complete and turned out well; he suggested Trustees stop by and take a look if they are able. He advised there are some ADA projects the Library has been working on for a few months; they should be completed this month. Assistant Director Albury advised the Highlands and Webb Branches Children’s Area projects are out for re-bid; we are looking at May 20th to award the projects and in August, construction will start. There was also discussion on installing a taller fence at the Mandarin Branch. 

New Business
a.    RFP for the new Oceanway/New Berlin branch library location
There was general discussion on the RFP process for the new branch in Oceanway. Director Rogers advised that the Design/Build option is a better one for the Library. There was discussion of budget allocation and move-in timeframe.

Future Meetings
Committee Chair Anderson tentatively scheduled the next CIC meeting for March 19 at the Main library; further details to follow.
The meeting was adjourned at 1:39PM.

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