Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) Nominating Committee August 27, 2020

Board of Library Trustees (BOLT)
Nominating Committee
August 27, 2020
Zoom virtual meeting

Committee Members Present:
Ronnie King, Committee Chair
Celia Nass, Trustee
Donnie Horner, Trustee
Fernando Meza, Trustee
Carlo Fassi, BOLT Chair, Ex Officio

Others in Attendance:
Tim Rogers, Library Director
Tristan Denmark, Clerk of the Bolt

Call to Order
The meeting began at 2:00pm. There was discussion about who the Committee Chair should be; BOLT Chair Fassi said he was open to whatever the Committee decided, he was on the call to express his desire to remain the BOLT Chair for the coming year. He said he hopes they keep most of the leadership as-is intact, as they have a lot of irons in the fire and things going on with the Foundation that he is looking forward to working on. He expressed his opinion that they team they currently have is well-suited to handle these issues. Chair King thanked BOLT Chair Fassi and said he has been doing a great job, particularly with everything that has gone on this year. BOLT Chair Fassi mentioned that the Mayor’s office is working to re-appoint the current BOLT members who are up, so he does not anticipate much change in the BOLT membership.

Discussion on the next year’s leadership
BOLT Chair Fassi signed off of the meeting. Chair King asked Director Rogers if it was correct that all of the current members are open to continuing to serve; Director Rogers said he will need to check with Trustee Berg, as she is the Vice-Chair and her job can sometimes make getting to BOLT meetings difficult. The Zoom virtual meetings have made it easier for her, but it could present a problem if and when we resume meeting in-person. He suggested recommending the slate as-is now, with the caveat that another person may need to serve as Vice-Chair if Trustee Berg is unable. Trustees Nass, Horner and Meza all agreed. Chair King asked Director Rogers his opinion on Trustee Berg’s desire to serve as BOLT Chair. Director Rogers said he thinks she is open to it, though probably not as soon as the next time around; when they had the discussion last year she said, “Yes, in the future” but he does not know how ‘in the future’ she meant. He mentioned that Trustee Swanson is another person he thinks could be interested, as well as Trustee Horner. Trustee Horner said he does have aspirations to be in a leadership role on the BOLT; however, right now he would not want to see the leadership changed at all. He feels that stability at the leadership level is prudent. He said he would be interested in serving as Vice-Chair in the event that Trustee Berg cannot, but he would not be interested in serving as BOLT Chair. Chair King said we should speak with Trustee Berg and get her thoughts on serving as Vice-Chair again this year. He said we must remember to keep all of the Board members engaged in what is going on, to be informed and ready for the future. He emphasized the importance of keeping in good communication with the City Administration as well. Director Rogers mentioned Trustees Payne and Dame being up for reappointment and being approved by the Mayor’s office; their attendance should not be an issue and they should easily be approved by City Council. He pointed out that attendance at BOLT meetings is very important, and attendance below 70% makes it more difficult for the Mayor’s office to present a trustee for re-appointment. 

Chair King asked for a motion to nominate the current slate of officers for the upcoming fiscal year to the Executive Board. Trustee Meza motioned and Trustee Horner seconded the motion; Trustees Nass, Horner, Meza and Chair King all voted yea. The motion to present the current slate of officers for the upcoming fiscal year to the Executive Board passed unanimously. He said he will present the motion at the next BOLT meeting, and the body will vote on the slate of officers. Director Rogers said it will be New Business, not part of the Consent Agenda. He said that he would speak with the rest of the leadership and notify the board.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:18pm.

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