Board of Library Trustees (BOLT) Governance Committee June 16, 2020

Board of Library Trustees (BOLT)
Governance Committee
June 16, 2020
12:00 PM
Zoom virtual meeting

Committee Members Present:
Jill Dame, Committee Chair
Virginia Haworth, Trustee
Ronnie King, Trustee
Mario Payne, Trustee
Carlo Fassi, BOLT Chair, Ex Officio

Committee Members Absent:
Donnie Horner, Trustee
Fernando Meza, Trustee

Others in Attendance:
Tim Rogers, Library Director
Tristan Denmark, Clerk of the Bolt
Glenn Weiss, Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville
Hilda Ettedgui, Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville
Amber Holley, Assistant Director of Learning Services
Chris Boivin, Assistant Director of Community Relations & Marketing
Gretchen Miller, Deputy Director of Support Services
Shawn Norton, Branch Manager of the Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library
John Crescimbeni, Downtown Investment Authority
Julie McNeil, Deputy Director of Public Services
Jason Tetlak, local artist
James McCain, Office of General Council
Judy Klein, Secretary of the Murray Hill Friends
Zoe Carr, Community Resources Manager

Call to Order
Committee Chair Jill Dame called the meeting to order at 12:04pm. A quorum was not yet present, but it was decided to begin going through business, taking no official action until a quorum was met. She welcomed everyone to the meeting, and reviewed some basic housekeeping items and information about virtual meetings.

Introduction of Invited Guests
There were several guests in attendance. Chair Dame asked the Clerk of the Board to announce them by name, after which each guest spoke briefly. She asked if anyone had heard from John Crescimbeni, as he was supposed to be a guest at the meeting; no one had.

First Call for Public Comment
No hands were raised for public comment.

Governance Committee Minutes
    Chair Dame asked if anyone had an item that needed to be changed or corrected in the Governance meeting minutes from February; no one did. She reminded the committee that at the last meeting in February, the minutes from the January meeting had been tabled, as they were not ready; they are still not attached for review. She said that perhaps next month they would be ready. At this time Chair Payne joined the call, and a quorum was reached. 
Chair Dame asked for a motion to approve the minutes as provided; Trustee King moved and Trustee Haworth seconded the motion. The Clerk of the Board did a roll call vote and included ex-officio Carlo Fassi for the record. Trustees Fassi, Payne and Dame all voted yea; the February Governance minutes were approved. 

New Business - Mural by the Jacksonville Cultural Council’s Art in Public Places Committee on the Bill Brinton Murray Hill Branch Library 
Chair Dame announced a presentation on a potential mural to be completed at the Bill Brinton Murray Hill branch library by the Cultural Council of Greater Jacksonville; Glenn Weiss made the presentation to the committee (presentation available in agenda packet). Local mural artist Jason Tetlak, former president of Murray Hill Preservation, also spoke during the presentation. 
Several committee members had questions for Mr. Weiss. Chair Dame said that the property is the width of a driveway, has a very aesthetically unappealing chain link fence with an unknown owner, and has three large trees. She said that she said she has driven by and parked several times to look – it is the side of a building blocked by trees and am ugly fence – is this a good location, when you don’t really have a lot of perspective to see the area? Jason Tetlak said the lot next door is used often for events and for parking, so while the perspective from the street, particularly from vehicular traffic, may not be great, it is a pretty visible wall that the mural would make more of a landmark rather than a plain wall. Mr. Weiss said that he and Hilda Ettedgui would go out and talk about the fence – who it belongs to, what can be done, etc. Jason Tetlak further mentioned that if the fence belongs to the lot next door that would mean it’s owned by the Murray Hill Theater, the owner of which has been very open to working with them. Mr. Weiss mentioned that there is also the other side of the building. He said that they think it is a good idea, and added that the Art in Public Places Committee has approved it conceptually and it is waiting on the Library Board’s approval. Judy Klein said that the Friends group is supportive; their biggest concern is making sure what is created honors the legacy of Bill Brinton, so she was encouraged to see that mentioned in the CCGJ’s write up. She said at this point they are supportive of the effort. She also echoed Mr. Tetlak’s statement that the particular side of the building they are looking at would make the mural highly visible at a number of events that take place often.
    Glenn Weiss gave some information on the budget, which is also included in the packet, and said their goal would be to see it completed in November of 2020. He said the appointment of the artist selection panel would occur in July. At this time John Crescimbeni from the DIA joined the meeting. Judy Klein asked if they could have more than one representative on the artist selection panel if more people would like to participate; Mr. Weiss advised that the Art in Public Places ordinance states there are to be up to nine members – there can be fewer than nine, but not more. Additional people can attend as non-voting advisors but cannot be on the panel. Chair Dame asked if Shawn Norton and/or John Crescimbeni would like to speak on the topic. Shawn said he didn’t have anything to add but was appreciative to be part of the process. He said he thinks the possibility of a mural is exciting. Mr. Crescimbeni said he was part of the effort to have the Murray Hill Library renamed to honor Bill Brinton, and this is a special subject for him. He said he had some concerns when he heard about the mural project and he advised the Cultural Council to be sure they included the Brinton family in any process; he is not sure that has happened. He further said that after hearing about a potential artist for the mural, he had reservations about the mural’s theme. He said Mr. Brinton was all about scenic beauty, and he wants to make sure that if there is a mural it does not conflict with the values Mr. Brinton stood for in the community.  Chair Dame asked how much control the Governance Committee has as far as approving the theme of the mural and contributing to the content, as we want to make sure it does not look like a billboard. Mr. Weiss said the Governance Committee does have the opportunity for approval, and explained the process of the mural’s artist selection, design, etc. He said it would come back to the Governance Committee in September/October for approval, after the artist has been selected. Trustee Fassi asked if the City of Jacksonville representative would be district Councilwoman DeFoor, Councilman Dennis, or…? Mr. Weiss said they typically do not have elected officials sit on these panels. Trustee Fassi said he would very much encourage choosing Councilwoman DeFoor for the committee. Director Rogers asked about the maintenance funding; Mr. Weiss advised the budget for maintenance comes from a pool of funds, it is not just the $400 mentioned in the packet. 
    Chair Dame asked for a motion; Trustee Haworth moved to go forward as presented and Trustee Payne seconded the motion. Trustees Fassi, King and Dame all voted yea. Director Rogers clarified that what the committee had voted ‘yea’ on was to refer the mural onto the full BOLT, to be taken up this Thursday’s meeting. At this time, Judy Klein and Shawn Norton signed off.

New Business - MOU with KIPP School
    Director Rogers gave an introduction of the KIPP MOU, and Amber Holley expounded on it. Trustee King asked about the data being collected; Amber advised we would actually be getting more information from the KIPP students than from DCPS. Trustee Payne asked how books not being returned is handled; Amber advised it would be handled the same as it is with DCPS. Chair Dame asked if this was a ‘test case’ and we might do more charter schools in the future? Amber said yes. Trustee Payne thanked Amber for her hard work on this issue, as well as on Summer Reading. 
Chair Dame asked for a motion to approve the MOU between the KIPP School and the Jacksonville Public Library as submitted; Trustee King moved and Trustee Payne seconded the motion. Trustees Fassi, Haworth and Dame all voted yea.

New Business – Additional Updates
Director Rogers discussed the need for a statement on diversity and inclusion. He said this policy would be worked on in July and August, then brought back before the BOLT. Trustee Fassi had to sign off from the meeting, but he commented that he is fully supportive of this initiative and looks forward to seeing what the staff brings to the table. Next Director Rogers discussed the reopening plans going forward, and said we are trying to be as clear as possible because one of the main things he has heard from staff is that they don’t know what is going on or what is going to happen next. This plan would have everything back open at the beginning of August, in line with the start of school. It is a solid plan that is also very flexible based on what happens day-to-day and week-to-week. He mentioned that throughout the summer, we will be working on MOUs with the Friends groups and the Foundation; these will probably be brought back to the Governance Committee over the next six months.

Unfinished Business – Programming Policy
Julie McNeil and Amber Holley briefly discussed the Programming Policy that was discussed at the February Governance meeting prior to the shutdown; Amber said they have made some edits and feel it is ready to move on to the next stage. Chair Dame pointed out some formatting errors in the document, to be changed later. Chair Dame asked for a motion to approve the Programming Policy to go to the full BOTL as recommended; Trustee Payne moved and Trustee Haworth seconded the motion. Trustees Fassi, King and Dame all voted yea.

Second Call for Public Comment
No hands were raised for public comment.

The meeting was adjourned at 1:06pm.

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