Lit Chat: Online Author Talk With Elizabeth Randall

Thursday, October 15, 2020
Lit Chat Women in White with Elizabeth Randall at Jacksonville Public Library

Does your interest in ghosts and spirits reappear this time of year? If so, then this Lit Chat is for you. Elizabeth Randall discusses her book Women in White: The Haunting of Northeast Florida on October 21, at 1 p.m. Hear about 29 tales from four northeastern Florida counties dominated by the wispy trails of strange female spirits known as ghostly “women in white.” Click here to register.

Elizabeth Randall is also the author of Haunted St. Augustine and St. Johns County and Murder in St. Augustine: The Mysterious Death of Athalia Ponsell Lindsley.

"...Randall helps us more fully appreciate how a supernatural world of eerie lights and scary noises and wispy apparitions of "Women in White" are a lot more a part of the Florida character than we may realize. If you think alligators in swimming pools and giant exotic snakes are strange, you ain't seen nothing yet!"
-Bill Belleville, award-winning filmmaker and author of Salvaging the Real Florida


Want some scary music to go with your haunted readings? Check out Sounds Of Halloween - Music And Sounds For Your Haunted House Party on hoopla. The album contains theme music from The Exorcist, Goosebumps, and Nightmare on Elm Street. With 68 songs, you are bound to love some, hate some, and be frightened by some.


Last October, the Completely Booked staff met up with the PFC Paranormal team at the Willowbranch Library to see what ghosts may be checking out a book. Click here to listen to the Completely Booked podcast with local PFC Paranormal Investigators Misty and Bree. Learn how to start a podcast on for free with your library card. Here are two titles from; Producing Professional Podcast with Richard Harrington and Producing Podcasts with Danny Ozment.


Lit Chat with Elizabeth Randall on Oct. 21, at 1pm. Click here to register.

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