Lit Chat with Marsha Dean Phelts

Monday, March 1, 2021

Lit Chat with Marsha Dean Phelts

Marsha Dean Phelts joins us this week to chat about American Beach and her two books, An American Beach for African Americans and The American Beach Cookbook. Phelts will cover the myths of the beach -- what is the first, the most, the oldest? -- and the informational treasures unearthed there. She will also talk about the women of American Beach, including Miss Martha, Emma Morgan, Beach Lady, Annette Myers, and Hurricane Dora.

Phelts is an American Beach homeowner, a contributor to the Florida Star, and a former librarian with the Jacksonville Public Library. She will be joined in the chat by Felice Franklin of the PRIDE Book Club.


Lit Chat with Marsha Dean Phelts, Tuesday, March 16, at 1pm. Click here to register.


Enjoy Marsha’s two books on American Beach, An American Beach for African Americans and The American Beach Cookbook.

Learn more about American Beach in American Beach: A Saga of Race, Wealth, and Memory, by Russ Rymer.

For more on Black beaches in the south, check out The Land Was Ours, by Andrew W. Kahrl.


Visit the fourth floor of the Main Library to explore our Special Collections department and our Florida and African American collections, which contain Phelts’s books and others about American Beach and other places and people of local significance.

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