Investigating Willow Branch Library with PFC Paranormal

Monday, October 28, 2019

#Investigating the Willow Branch Library

Halloween is right around the corner, so we have a spooky special edition of Completely Booked this week. We teamed up with PFC Paranormal to investigate the Willow Branch Library! Located in Riverside, the Willow Branch Library opened in 1930, making it the oldest existing library branch in Jacksonville. 

#PFC Paranormal + Completely Booked

The Completely Booked podcast crew and the PFC Paranormal team spent a Saturday night in the library searching for any signs of paranormal activity. Before the investigation, we interviewed Misty Darnell, the founder of PFC Paranormal, and one of her team members, Bree. From a young age, Misty had multiple terrifying paranormal experiences and never realized what was happening until a friend had witnessed one of these events. Over the years, Misty developed and mastered her investigation skills. Listen to the podcast episode below:

#Paranormal Evidence

Misty started PFC Paranormal to help others with their paranormal concerns and questions. Her team provides an understanding and non-judgmental environment for their clients and aims to educate the community in all things paranormal. Whether you believe in the paranormal or not, Misty’s goal is to provide all evidence to her clients— and to let people make their own decisions based on the evidence presented.  

Spooky Season is the perfect time to ponder the possibilities of realms beyond, and we had a blast working with Misty’s team. You can head to for more information about services the team offers.


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