Celebrate Your Favorite Fire-Breathing Creatures!

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

#Appreciate a Dragon on January 16!

Every year on January 16, fantasy lovers are invited to celebrate their favorite fire-breathing creatures. Appreciate a Dragon Day celebrates dragons in popular literature. It is observed by reading of books that feature dragons, and the celebration of dragons through art.

This is a day to recognize all that dragons do to keep us reading! Celebrate dragons in literature by reading some of our best dragon-related materials:


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Gabrielle LoSchiavo

Gabrielle LoSchiavo

Gabrielle LoSchiavo is a media specialist at Jacksonville Public Library. When she's not creating library content, you can most likely find her writing short stories, playing guitar, or binging horror films. She is also a co-host for Completely Booked, the official podcst of the Jacksonville Public Library.

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