Branch Out During Family History Month with Your Local Library Branch

Friday, October 9, 2020
Family History Month at the Jacksonville Public Library

Even though the trees don’t change much in the Florida fall, your family tree is always growing and changing. Family History Month was created to bring the human race closer together. Although we all have our nuclear family, we are also a part of the human family. As you take some time this month to compile family photos or ask a relative about their favorite family memories, search for the similarities you can find that branch out from the family tree of the human race. We are all searching for our sense of identity and taking time to get your whole family involved will give you a stronger sense of what family means.

The library is a great place to start learning more about your family history. We've created a booklist for those who are curious to know more about their family's past. Additionally, you can find genealogy material for Native Floridian families and many families from the surrounding southeastern United States. Our collection is always growing as we gather more genealogies from the Mid-Atlantic states and even material from the original 13 colonies. Our library staff are eager to help you get started. If that's not enough, you can access's wealth of information from the public computers at any library branch, so what are you waiting for?


Who knows how big your family really is? Check out these books to learn more about your family roots or find out the family histories of some of the world's greatest role models.

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