Annual Report FY2020

#Adversity Sparks New Ways to Serve


#Serving Duval Residents 

Tenikka Hughes with books collected from the Tenikka Biiks for Kids drive at the Jacksonville Public Library
Guess:  How many books did award-winning CBS47/FOX30 Anchor Tenikka Hughes collect during her book drive this year?

When the City provided a mortgage, rent and utility relief program to help Duval residents hit hardest economically by the pandemic, Library staff and administration answered the call by helping the Mayor’s office set up and run a processing center at the Main Library. It was an honor to be able to provide critical city services even when the Library was closed.

#Overdue-Fine Relief

More than 175,000 customers were invited back to the library after their overdue fines (totaling more than $2.6M) were erased as a COVID relief measure. The Board of Library Trustees extended the relief by eliminating overdue fines through the pandemic.

#Instant E-Cards

When Duval residents found themselves looking for information and entertainment during quarantine, the Library continued to offer digital library cards through the website, bringing in a whole new set of library users in a safe and expedient way.

#Rise of the Digitarians

The ability to check out physical books ground to a halt during March 2020. Subsequently, digitarians---customers who primarily check out digital materials---were the fastest growing segment among library customers. Many hadn’t checked anything out since 2019.

#Library Academy

Without in-person programs, many customers lost vital learning support for their children while everything was closed. By creating Library Academy — emailed DIY programs — customers were able to fill that gap.

#Curbside Pickup

When the pandemic hit, the Library accelerated its readiness to meet customer needs by activating curbside pickup of materials.


The Library exhibit installed in Klutho Park — thanks to a grant from and partnerships with the City’s Parks department and the Springfield Preservation and Revitalization  Council (SPAR) — gives the city an option to enjoy literacy safely outdoors.

Carlo Fassi Chair, Board of Library Trustees Jacksonville public Library
Carlo Fassi, Chair, Board of Library Trustees
Tim Rogers Library Director Jacksonville Public Library
Tim Rogers, Library Director, Jacksonville Public Library
Kathy McIlvaine Chair, Board of Directors Jacksonville Public Library Foundation
Kathy McIlvaine, Chair, Library Board of Trustees










#Message from Library Board Chair and Director

Together, our community learned how things can go from progress to pause in such a short time. Right in the middle of this fiscal year, the world shut down. What didn’t shut down is the community’s need to grow it was refreshing to see so many of you look to the Library to fulfill that need. From diving into novels to escape uncertainty and frustration, to self-guided storytimes at home to keep children moving forward, to learning how to get replacement income streams going, there were so many stories of success and hope throughout the year.

As the Library continues to reopen there are many exciting ways for you to access everything the library has to offer. The community response to new services like curbside pickup, do-it-yourself programs and overdue fine-free returns builds confidence despite the adversity, growth is not only possible but being realized. 

The Library appreciates everyone’s  patience and support throughout this year, and we’re excited about growing and building the Library once again.

- Carlo Fassi, Chair, Board of Trustees, Jacksonville Public Library

#Letter from Jacksonville Public Library Foundation Director

The Jacksonville Public Library Foundation faced the adversities of 2020 with some trepidation, but we continued moving forward. We proudly worked with Library leadership and staff to connect the community to Library programs and services they needed now more than ever as families and individuals remained homebound.

With continued school disruptions, the Foundation focused fundraising on the Library’s Summer Learning Program. This program provides resources and support to help maintain school-year learning and grow reading levels. With a 68% increase in Summer Learning contributions over 2019, we were grateful that our donors and community responded so generously. Virtual fundraising continued with our “Storytime and Cookies with Santa” event. And as we fondly reflect on our last in-person event, “An Evening with Brad Meltzer,” held in February in the Main Library’s beautiful Map Room, we look forward to gathering again!

We closed out this challenging year humbled by the continued support of our faithful donors and thrilled by a 24% increase in new donors through it all. 

Words cannot adequately express how grateful we are for your continued support and encouragement.  We look forward to this new year of challenges, growth and garnering new wisdom. Be safe and stay well!

- Kathy McIlvaine, Chair, Jacksonville Public Library Foundation

55% more users borrowed digital items totaling 1.3 million digital items borrowed.

176,00 customers welcomed back to the Library all thanks to waived overdue fines.

10,300 people stayed safe by picking up their books curbside.

6,600 books collected and distributed for Tenikka's Books for Kids to reward children for meeting their Summer Learning reading goals.

5,900 hours of class and instruction watched on Linkedin Learning.


#FY 2020 Budget and (Expenses)

(Our 2020 Fiscal Year is from October 2019 - September 2020)

Tax Revenue (JPL General Fund Budget)   $35,327,434
State Aid to Libraries   $777,216
Library Fine Revenue   $355,723
Conference Center Budget   $334,880
Donations   $155,372
LSTA (Federal Funding)   $18,563
Salaries, Benefits, and Pensions $19,247,496  
Administrative Expenses $8,257,098  
Books and Materials $4,894,826  
Professional and Contractual Services $1,764,144  
Supplies, Maintenance, Licenses, Dues $441,939  
Donation-Funded Programs $137,736  
Capital Expenses $104,068  
Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment $58,955  


"During this difficult situation, I believe our entire community will become more aware of what a jewel we have in our wonderful Jacksonville Public Library!”  – Karrie H., Pablo Creek Regional Library Customer

"We visit this library often and love it. The staff is always friendly. Love that I can place holds on the website and pick up when ready.” – Miranda G., South Mandarin Branch Library

Child reading to a dog in the Library with an adult Mother and daughter reading a book in the library Teens wearing masks greeting each other in the library

Board of Library Trustees

Logo for the Jacksonville Public Library FoundationThank you to the 650+ people and local organizations that donated to the library this fiscal year! Your generosity means the library can offer engaging programs to help you, your family and your community grow and thrive.

For a donor list or to make a contribution, visit Thank you for your support!


#Thanks To Our Friends!

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