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Health and Safety Policy

It is the responsibility of the Jacksonville Public Library to maintain a healthy and clean environment for all library users and to protect the City's investment in library collections, equipment and property. In order to fulfill this responsibility, the library may restrict a user’s ability to borrow materials and/or to visit library facilities when such use may jeopardize the health and cleanliness of library facilities, collections and users.

Examples of situations where borrowing of materials or access to library facilities may be suspended include, but are not limited to:

  • Evidence that items on loan to a customer may have been returned with insects that are known to be damaging to library materials, or that can result in pest infestations in library facilities, e.g. roaches, silverfish and some types of beetles
  • Customers or customer possessions with fleas, lice, or bed bugs
  • Customers with clothing that is stained with urine and feces

Per the library Circulation Policy, replacement charges will be assessed for items returned damaged.

In the event the Jacksonville Public Library determines that an individual shall have his or her library privileges suspended for health or safety reasons, the Jacksonville Public Library shall provide such individual written notice of said suspension, the terms of the suspension and the reasons for the suspension.

The Board of Library Trustees authorizes the Library Director to establish procedures to administer this policy.


Policy Addendum

Health and Safety Policy Appeal Process

Any customer who wishes to dispute the suspension of library privilege for health or safety reasons may utilize the following appeal process:

The written notice shall explain that the individual has the right to appeal the suspension to the Governance Committee of the Board of Library Trustees by written appeal filed with the Library Director within 30 days of the notice of suspension. The Library Director or his/her designee shall set the appeal for the next Governance Committee meeting, unless such meeting is to be held within seven days of the filing of the appeal.

At the appeal hearing, the individual will have the opportunity to present any information or otherwise explain factors the individual deems relevant to overturn or reduce the duration of the suspension.  The Library Director shall have the opportunity to present the position of the Jacksonville Public Library.

The sole issue to be determined by the Governance Committee is whether the Jacksonville Public Library’s suspension and the duration of the suspension are "clearly erroneous," as defined under Florida law. The Governance Committee may overturn the suspension, reduce the suspension or uphold the suspension. Unless deferred at the appeal hearing, the Governance Committee shall notify the individual of the Governance Committee's final decision and shall provide said decision in writing within 60 days of the decision. The decision shall be deemed the final action of the City.


Approved by the Jacksonville Public Library Board of Trustees July 12, 2018