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The Jacksonville Public Library (JPL) Computer Access Management System has been implemented to provide fair and equitable access to the Library’s limited computer and printing resources. Use of the Computer Access Management System constitutes acceptance of all terms, conditions, and regulations (see Terms & Conditions for Computer Use).

Should you wish to contact the Library regarding the Computer Access Management System , questions and comments may be submitted to any Library staff member or through the Library’s online suggestion box. Terms & Conditions for Computer Use

The following terms and conditions are applicable to all users of Library computers.


Use of the Computer Access Management System


  1. Use of the Computer Access Management System is subject to all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations in this document as well as all computer use policies of the Jacksonville Public Library.
  2. You must present your valid Jacksonville Public Library card at the time of use in order to obtain services. Your card and related accounts are non-transferable; any misuse or illegal transactions can result in privileges being suspended or revoked. You are responsible for the usage of your card.

In place of a valid library cardcustomers may purchase a Guest Pass for a fee of $2.00. Guest Passes are good for one day only.


Computer Access Management System Printing Accounts


  1. The Computer Access Management System Printing Account is an optional account of pre-deposited funds accessed by the cardholder for products and services. Funds cannot be withdrawn from this account at any time, and can only be used for printing from library computers (see Closing Accounts & Refunds).
  2. A cardholder’s Computer Access Management System Printing Account will be activated automatically upon an initial cash deposit of a minimum of $1.00 at any Value Add StationValue Add Stations are located throughout the Main Library and branch locations and accept $1 bills, $5 bills, $10 bills and $20 bills. Value Add Stations do not make change.
  3. The cardholder understands and agrees that the Computer Access Management System Printing Account is not a credit card, nor can it be used to obtain cash or cash advances from the account under any circumstances.   Library fines and fees cannot be paid from monies deposited into the Computer Access Management System Printing Account.
  4. Customers may view current account balances at any Value Add Station.
  5. Accounts will be limited to a maximum value of $20.


Procedures for Lost, Stolen, or Replacement Cards


  1. Report immediately any lost or stolen card, or unauthorized card usage in person or by phone to the library location nearest you. The cardholder is responsible for all usage of the card prior to proper notification to the Library.
  2. There is a $2.00 replacement fee to replace a lost, stolen, or damaged library card.


Closing Accounts & Refunds


  1. The Library reserves the right to close any Computer Access Management System Printing Account that has been inactive for a period of three years (36 months).
  2. The Library will not refund any monies deposited into the Computer Access Management System Printing Account.




  1. You will receive a receipt when you deposit funds into your Computer Access Management Printing Account. It is your responsibility as the account holder to ensure the receipt is correct.  Please immediately notify a library staff member of any discrepancies between the amount deposited and the amount stated on the receipt.
  2. Printing activity statements can be generated upon request of the account holder.




Initial fees:


Computer Access is offered to Jacksonville Public Library card holders at no cost.

A Guest Pass may be purchased for a fee of $2.00. Guest Passes are good for one day only.

These passes are available to:

  1. Customers who forget to bring their library card with them
  2. Customers who are not in good standing
  3. Customers who are ineligible to obtain a free Jacksonville Public Library Card

Printing fees: Printouts from library computers cost $.15 per page ($.50 per color page).


Replacement fees:


The Library requires a $2.00 fee to be paid for replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged library card.

Note: All assigned privileges and balances will transfer to the replacement card upon issuance. Cost may be waived if the card failed or deteriorated due to initial defect (as determined by Library personnel).




Jacksonville Public Library will disclose information to third parties about card holder accounts only in order to comply with court orders or other applicable laws. For more information on privacy concerns, please see the Library’s Privacy Policy.


Computer Usage Procedures


  • You must present a valid (not expired, blocked or barred) Jacksonville Public Library card in order to use library computers. Customers using Library Laptop Computers (available only at Brentwood, Mandarin, Murray Hill, and Webb Wesconnett) must have a valid Library card, be 18 or over, and provide a valid driver’s license or picture ID which will be held by Library staff.

  • Customers who cannot present a valid library card may purchase a Guest Pass for a fee of $2.00. Guest Passes are good for one day only.

  • Scan your library card or Guest Pass barcode at the Computer Signup Station, located at the Information Desk. Choose "Adult PC" or "Configured for ADA". An ADA Computer is accessible for people with visual and/or mobility disabilities. You will either be automatically assigned a computer immediately or put in a wait list. Laptop computers, where available, must be used within the library only and can not be removed from the building.

  • Look at the computer monitor at the information desk (the queue monitor) to see which computer you have been assigned.  For your security, your signup will display as a combination of the first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your library card number.  For Guest Pass users, the queue monitor will display an alias composed of the first four letters of your last name and the last four numbers of your Guest Pass logon ID.

  • Library staff cannot adjust for sit-down, stand-up, or specific computers .

  • Once the system assigns you a computer, you have 5 minutes to log on to that computer before the computer is released for another waiting customer.

  • Log on by typing your complete library card number (starting with FJP000) or Guest Pass logon ID into the Logon ID box on the computer screen. You must type the “FJP” in all capital letters. Leave the password box blank.

  • Computer sessions are limited to 45 minutes when other customers are waiting. If no other customers are waiting, sessions will be extended automatically.

  • Printouts from library computers cost $.15 per page ($.50 per color page).

  • To retrieve your printouts, scan your library card or Guest Pass barcode into the Print Release Station scanner. A list of your print jobs will display on the monitor.  Use the mouse to highlight the jobs you want to print and click print.

  • For your security, please sign off when your computer session is finished.

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