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My mother wears combat boots : a parenting guide for the rest of us / by Jessica Mills

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For punk parents and beyond comes Jessica Mill's parenting guide, "My Mother Wears Combat Boots." Culled from her magazine column of the same name (in Maximum Rock and Roll) the contents are warm and engaging, even for non-parents such as your reviewer here. It's part memoir, part how-to, and follows Jessica's trials and triumphs as she raises her daughter Emma Joy into an energetic 5 year old. The book covers topics including: Pregnancy, birthing, going back to work, breast-feeding, the family bed, cursing, gender coding, first foods, traveling with kids and a whole lot more. This zinester writes in such a fluid and charming way, you already hope she's writing a follow up for years 5-10! I'm guessing that most mamas can relate to what Jessica's written and probably also wish they'd read this book sooner! Touching and informative. - Microcosm Publishing

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